How Much to Bring to Hong Kong for 5D4N?

How Much to Bring to Hong Kong for 5D4N?

written by limkopi March 5, 2016

Oh, so you are going to Hong Kong for 5D4N and you have no idea how much to bring?

No worries, we know. It is very difficult to figure out how much you really need. Sometimes, it feels like you are obligated to spend the currency away and you start to shop crazily.

What’s even more difficult is that you will probably have to budget differently for different countries with different group of travel-mates.

So How Much to Hong Kong for 5D4N?

There are a few things you can do before you decide on a budget. Let us give you guys some tips how it can be easily done with our steps!

Hong Kong Is Expensive So…

If you are unaware, the cost of living in Hong Kong is pretty expensive. Take a look at the chart I snapped from (which by the way, it’s one of the best website to check out the current cost of living in a country):

Food Budgeting for Hong Kong for 5D4N

Price of Food in Hong Kong

A lunchtime meal in Hong Kong costs an average of HK$ 94 (~ S$ 16). If you are someone who enjoys hawker food everyday, you can start to feel the pain like I do right? During our trip, we spent an average S$ 90/day for 2 pax.

We are not only talking about food. Public transport in Hong Kong is not anywhere cheaper. We see ourselves spending an average S$ 16/day for 2 pax on public transport. If you are going to Macau, you will need to spend somewhere near S$ 70/pax to take two-way ship to the island.

Since Hong Kong is expensive by nature, you have to budget more for your mandatory daily cost (e.g. food, drinks, transports).

Hong Kong Is The Best Place For Branded Goods So…

Needless to say, many of us know that Hong Kong is one of the best places to purchase branded goods.

I’m not only referring to the luxury brands like Prada and Chanel but also brands like Adidas and Nike. If you are going to the Sneakers Streets to purchase your next pair of sneakers, you will want to keep a separate budget for your expenditure.

You can really get a great deal here if you manage to cling a shoes at offer price. I got a pair of sneakers for about 30% off retail price (~S$80 instead of ~S$110) a few ways back in Hong Kong.

If you use your credit cards, there will be an additional handling feels with a worse conversion rate. Imagine a luxury bag that costs S$ 1000 with 0.8% conversion fee, the total cost will be S$ 1008 for using a credit card.

Unless you are purchasing for your friends, we suggest to cater a budget if you already have plans to purchase something expensive in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Has Theme Parks So…

Going to Disneyland or Ocean Park?

If you have already booked your tickets online, then you are fine.

But if you are not, remember to bring at least S$ 60/pax for the ticket to the park.

You Can Try To Gamble In Macau So…

I was very excited when I stepped into the casinos in Macau.

Like wow, that’s where all your memories on Hong Kong dramas started to pour in.

Of course, you can always try to be the next gambling king or queen (remember, gambling is bad!). There is a minimal sum to exchange your gambling tokens. It used to be set at around HK$ 500 but it could be more now.

And I must emphasize again that gambling is really bad. Try, but don’t lose it all.

I Get Your Point… So How Much to Hong Kong For 5D4N?!

Based on our own experience, this is what we thought best to bring for per person:

  • Bring at least S$ 50/day for food
  • Prepare about S$ 10/day for mandatory transport
  • Estimate around S$ 50/day for personal spendings (more if you are purchasing luxury goods of course)
  • If you are a gift person, bring S$ 50/day for gifts
  • Have around S$ 25/day for for emergency use

We budgeted S$ 125/day for our trip. You may say… Wah liao that’s lower than what you thought it’s best leh.

Well you see, we didn’t use cash to pay for our branded goods. We made a mistake. The additional amount we paid for the conversion fee is not something that we can let it go. So here we are, teaching you to bring enough cash for these goods so you can avoid paying a few meals away for nothing.

Do you have any good tips in budgeting your trip? Do let us know so we can learn together too!

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