Exploring Cijin Island in Kaohsiung

Exploring Cijin Island in Kaohsiung

written by limkopi March 26, 2016

Cijin Island (旗津島) is a small island located 5-minutes boat-ride away from Kaohsiung. As a Singaporean, we can relate this little island to our Palau Ubin.

The island is the perfect place for a day-out after spending many days in the city area. Many locals and tourists rent bicycles or motorbikes to travel around the little island. It is so small that you can finish the main attractions in half a day.

How to Go Cijin Island?

We took the subway to Sizihwan Station(西子灣站). After we exit from the station, we followed the road signs to the harbour. From there, pay NT 15 per trip to take the ferry to Cijin Island. You will require to drop the exact money into a transparent box at the barrier before you board the ferry. Alternatively, you can use the subway card, which is different from the subway card in Taipei.

Exploring the Island

Upon reaching the island, we rented a 2-person bicycle at 200 NT (~S$10) until 7.00pm. As far as we understand, the rental is not charged by per hour basis.

Our mode of transportation for the rest of the day!

Our mode of transportation for the rest of the day!

We followed loosely to the recommended routes by the bicycle shop uncle. Our first stop was Cihou Lighthouse. Unfortunately, Cihou Lighthouse is closed on every Monday.

cihou fort and cihou lighthouse

Welcome to Cihou Fort and Cihou Lighthouse!

cihou lighthouse

Greeted by the closed gate because it’s closed on every Monday!

After that we went to Cihou Fort, where you can get a scenic view of the surroundings of the island at the fort.

cihou fort

Panoramic View from Cihou Fort!

We stopped by a ice shop when we kind of lost our way when we were finding Starry Tunnel. After indulging in shaved ice, we continued our journey to the beach instead. We did a shameless plug of our old travel blog while we were at the beach. So we shall not upload it here since the blog url is rather different.

After stopping by the beach, we continued our journey to Wind Power Park. It is a very nice place to chill! We stayed at the park for a while before returning to the ferry terminal.

feng che gong yuan

The entrance of Feng Che Gong Yuan!

On our way back to the ferry terminal, we found the entrance to Starry Tunnel! We wanted to park our bicycle nearby and walk to the place. But a local told us that we could actually cycle inside this route, which will eventually lead us back to the ferry terminal. Unfortunately we didn’t have any photos for the Starry Tunnel.

Before we headed back to the main land, we bought some snacks along the way. We could still remember how good the stir-fried river snails were (田螺).

The Bottom Line

Cijin Island is great for a half-day trip if you are already at Kaohsiung. Why not take a break from all the shopping and have some fun riding along the island? It is advisable not to visit the Island on a Monday since some attractions are closed. If you love seafood, you should visit some seafood restaurants there!


sook peng October 12, 2017 - 10:38 am

hi there, may i know if it is safe to ride a bicycle there? are there many slopes or mostly on flat ground? i am not a very seasoned rider so am a bit worried… thanks

limkopi October 15, 2017 - 11:50 pm

Hi Sook Peng,

Apologies for the late response!

From our memory, it is quite safe to ride there if you follow the bicycle trail (mostly flat ground). We don’t remember passing through any difficult slopes.

Are you going Kaohsiung soon? Hope you have a great time!

sook peng October 16, 2017 - 8:56 am

hi, thanks for your reply. yes, going to Kaohsiung in December this year. for a 2 nights stay, the rest of the time will be in taipei and tainan:)


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