A Perfect Getaway to Suwon Korean Folk Village

A Perfect Getaway to Suwon Korean Folk Village

written by limkopi March 27, 2016

Suwon Korean Folk Village is the perfect getaway from the busy city areas. Korean Folk Village (KFV) is a living museum, which shows the culture and elements of traditional Koreans.

The place replicates the entire architecture, living environment and traditional items for visitors to experience the traditional culture.

There are a couple of Korean Folk Village. We visited the one in Suwon, where they filmed the popular dramas Dae jang Guem, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Moon Embraces the Sun.

The village is really huge and it can take more than half a day to complete the entire place.

How to Go Suwon Korean Folk Village?

We took a train to Suwon Station. The train took about 1 hour from Myeong-Dong. Upon reaching, we visited the tourist kiosk to ask for shuttle bus. The employees gave us a “name card” for us to take two-way shuttle bus to Suwon KFV. She suggested that it would be faster to take public bus as the interval was quite long.

Suwon Village

The entrance of Suwon KFV

Exploring Korean Folk Village

We reached Korean Folk Village slightly before lunch. The place was very empty when we were there. We reckoned that it was too cold for locals to visit the place.

Korean Folk Village

A wishing tree with numerous wish cards

While we were loitering around, we happened to catch a performance. It was said to be performed to the King in the past. The staff were really good on the horse!

Performance to the King in the past.

Performance to the King in the past.

There were a couple of animals living in the Korean Folk Village. We chanced upon a cow, a dog and some chickens running around the village. There was a caretaker looking after all these animals. He was giving them food when we were playing with the dog.

Suwon Village


We also visited the cultural museum (free entry). The descriptions were all written in Korean. We figured out that we could just look at the displays. They ranged from the traditional food to traditional clothes. There were some traditional utensils displaying on the shelf too.

Culture Museum

Culture Museum


Traditional Utensils?

Besides the cultural museum, there were some traditional games played in the past. We loitered around the standing swing for quite a while before we moved on to another place.

There were some swings besides the cultural museum. It was meant to be a standing swing. Due to snow, it was quite slippery.

There were some swings besides the cultural museum. It was meant to be a standing swing.

The Bottom Line

The Korean Folk Village is a must-go place especially for people who love to experience the foreign culture. Even though we are unable to understand the written descriptions, we have fun viewing and experiencing the traditional Korean games and items.

Overall, it is a great experience!

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