Review for Hokkaido Horse Oil Shampoo

Review for Hokkaido Horse Oil Shampoo

written by hiaopopo April 7, 2016

I have heard so much from the sister about horse oil products about how good these products are good for our hair and skin.

So I bought and tried the Hokkaido Horse Oil Shampoo today!

Fun Fact: Horse oil components are very close / similar to the human skin oil and protector. It has a PH value close to a human skin hence it’s very absorbent to us.

What about Hokkaido Horse Oil?

Hokkaido Horse Oil Shampoo is said to contain very high moisturizing properties and it has high osmosis effect to leave our hair smooth, soft and silky after washing. It is also said to have the following benefits:

  1. Remove Dandruff
  2. Promote Hair Growth
  3. Prevent Hair Loss
  4. Leaving Hair Smooth and Shiny

It is too much of a benefit and I know i must lay my hands on them. Horse oil products are tremendously popular over the recent years and more and more products are using the term horse oil. I am sure many of you are wondering what exactly are horse oil? Horse oil are basically oil extracted from the horse’s fats. It is mentioned to be a full range of benefits for different products, and today I will be focusing on the shampoo!

My Experience with the Shampoo

Hokkaido Horse Oil

Hokkaido Horse Oil

The smell of the shampoo is really nice too. Initially I am still worried that the smell will be awful. (Its fats afterall :p) Apart from the smell, the shampoo is not greasy at all too when I pumped it onto my hands. While shampoo-ing, the shampoo creates a reasonable amount of bubbles too! (I can’t stand shampoo without bubbles, it’s like you are not even washing it HAHA) After rinsing it off, i cannot feel much difference from usual shampoo though it indeed gives a very refreshing smell.

After leaving my hair to dry, I do feel the softness of my hair and the ends are not that dry. It was indeed quite moisturising! It has been more than 5 hours after the wash and my hair still have the smell of the shampoo and my hair is still soft without any greasiness.

What’s best of this shampoo is that it is a non-silicone horse oil shampoo! Silicone is known to create an amazingly healthy look by making your hair looks less frizzy and more shiny but yet it’s more harmful to the hair. The disadvantages of shampoo with silicone are:

  1. Prolonged usage leads to hair loss problems
  2. Dry and itchy scalp
  3. Fades hair colour

Go ahead and try out the Hokkaido Horse Oil Shampoo and have healthy glowing hair all over again!

Where to Buy?

Hokkaido Horse Oil Shampoo can be purchased at major departmental stores like SASA, and Venus. I purchased mine from Venus. 🙂

Note: This is not a sponsored post / advertisement.

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