Experience as a Shopee Seller

We are exploring possibilities in expanding our little humble online business to other platforms. Shopee is very young as compared to the other two platforms. We were invited to join the platform as a seller shortly after we started our business last November. Since there is no registration fee, we go ahead to register ourselves as a Shopee Seller!

If you have followed our Qoo10 series, you would have know that we started off from Carousell. You would have also know that our experience with Qoo10 is rather negative. How about being a Shopee seller?

Experience as a Shopee Seller

There is no complication in using Shopee. Hence, we are going to save all the troubles writing the “tutorial“. Instead, we are going to describe our experience with Shopee as a seller.


Limited Audience

Shopee is very new to the market. This means that it might have less buyers roaming in the platform. When we joined Shopee few months ago, there were not many interests. Of course, we were not sure whether our items are not interesting enough to create a hype. Even though things have been getting better these few weeks, we are still not quite sure how we stand in this platform.

Free Marketing Tools

One very useful feature Shopee has provided for sellers is the ability to push your products to the front page. You can boost 5 items every 6 hours so that they remain as the first few items in the category page. So far, this is free and hassle-free. We thought that this is very useful if you want your items to remain relevant in the category.

Boosting your item will cause it to make it to the top of the category page
Boosting your item will cause it to make it to the top of the category page


That’s not the only seller’s perk.

It seems like Shopee has been giving promotional codes to sellers to make their items more attractive. They have also been boasting sellers’ sales by advertising their products through time-sales and theme-sales. As far as we know, promotional codes are definitely free. We are not too sure about the rest of the marketing techniques.

User-Friendly Interface

We find Shopee very user-friendly. it possesses the same concept as Carousell – Snap, Describe, List. You can do everything on a mobile phone or you can use their seller management system on a computer. Basically, Shopee functions somewhere in between Carousell and Qoo10.  It is very easy to get on hand. The FAQs are very clear and well-written.

Shopee Seller Centre
Shopee Seller Centre

The Bottom Line

Shopee is great when it comes to its app and user-friendliness. It has been trying its best to attract more buyers/sellers to the platform. As of now, it still feels like there is not enough users in the platform to make it popular. But it has definitely attracted more users as compared to the past.

We have our reserves in maintaining our Shopee shop. For now, we will continue what we have already input in the shop. Hopefully in the future, Shopee will grow into a platform as big as Carousell or Qoo10!

4 thoughts on “Experience as a Shopee Seller

  1. Hi, thanks for your interesting write up.

    Would like your guide on how to create/generate/enjoy the promotional code feature for seller where the cost borne to Shopee?

    This is a great feature for sure.


    1. Hi Win,

      We were given the promotional code twice voluntarily from Shopee. We guessed they give the codes at random picks.


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