Project Miles: Our Current Miles Status

Follow us in our Project Miles series as we embark our journey to take a first class/suite flight!

Yet Another Mile Chaser

Two years ago, we made a really huge mistake in redeeming two economy flight tickets (SIA) to Hong Kong. Back then, we were not very sure about miles. All we wanted was a cheap last minute flight to Hong Kong for our short getaway.

After reading several forums and blogs ( is really awesome by the way), we understand the value of miles better. We also get to know that it is definitely possible to collect enough miles for a luxurious flight to a nearby country (e.g. Australia, Korea, Japan) if you plan well enough to maximise all your spending.

Today, we are going to embark our journey in collecting miles efficiently and effectively such that we are able to at least experience once in our lifetime in taking first class/suites flight.

First of all, we will like to jot down all available miles from various sources. This can effectively help us to track our progress in the near future.


As a start, we are aiming to earn enough miles to redeem two one-way first class tickets to Japan or Korea. A total of 130,000 miles will be required in this case.

Current Status

22nd April 2017

  • Miles in Krisflyer:Β 13,364 miles
  • Miles in DBS:Β 89,334 miles (44667 DBS Points)
  • Miles in OCBC: 7,273 miles (18,184 OCBC$)

Total Miles: 109, 971 miles

We will need to hit at least 25,000 OCBC$ before we can transfer 10,000 miles to Krisflyer from our OCBC cards. And hit 45,000 DBS points to transfer 90,000 miles to our Krisflyer account. We are only 21,029 miles away from our target!

We will update our status monthly. Do check out our Project page!


As of today, we are only 21, 029 miles away from our near term target!Β Since our points are not near any expiry dates, we will try to either aim for a 2-way first class/suites ticket or we will aim for a flight further than Japan or Korea!

The next step we will be doing is to analyse our spending pattern such that we can maximise our earnings from our daily spending!

4 thoughts on “Project Miles: Our Current Miles Status

  1. Good plan! We did the one way back from Tokyo. Fantastic it was.
    But take note that the 15% discount of booking online is discontinued plus the miles required have also gone up! We booked one way for 51,000pp for the Suites experience. It is now 65,000!


      1. We went in Feb-16 when we did the Fuji five lakes drive. Decided to do the return instead of the leg up. Best to redeem the center two seats which fold into a double bed. We were too late to do that…but it was still an experience. If one takes the outgoing sector (ie ex Singapore), then you use the special lounge to check in and cruise through customs we understand. Next time perhaps!

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