Hotel Review: Hotel Century Southern Tower (Tower Deluxe King)

It is generally difficult to find a hotel with bigger rooms at an affordable price. After our stay in Sapporo, we decided to splurge a bit more in Tokyo such that we can acquire a more comfortable stay for the last few nights in our trip.

Hotel Century Southern Tower

Hotel Century Southern Tower is located 5-10 minutes walk away from Shinjuku JR Station. You can also access several subway stations from the hotel.Β In case you are unaware, Shinjuku JR Station is one of the most convenientΒ placeΒ in Tokyo as most train lines cross their routes there. You can get to almost anywhere without changing train lines.

Around the hotel you can find numerous late-night restaurants (or Izakaya) and shopping malls (shop until you drop). This hotel is also a few minutes walk away from Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands. You can also find convenience stores around the hotel area (but not exactly near, have to walk abit). If you are lucky, you can find an awesome ramen cart along the streets from JR station to the hotel.

Our Check-In Experience

We had a really comfortable check-in experience with the reception. There were some issues with our booking but we were able to resolve it quickly over the counter as the receptionist professionally handled our case. We were fortunate that there was still a room for us even though we arrived really late in the afternoon (flight delayed).

The receptionists were all able to speak basic English. Throughout our stay, we did not have any issues communicating with them. We even managed to book a limousine airport bus two nights before our flight without any troubles.

The Tower Deluxe King Room

Our room is located on the 21st floor in the hotel. The view of the room is really awesome at the level. The size of the room is advertised as 26 sq.m. It does feel spacious even with a king-sized bed. There is also a sofa and small round table in the room for light usage. The design of the room is modern, and we have no complains in any wear and tear.

asset (3)
Hotel Century Southern Tower – The Tower Deluxe Room

There is a cable TV in the room. However, the channel selection is pretty limited. If we didn’t remember wrongly, there’s only 1 or 2 English channels. Most channels are in Japanese. We are glad that the table is large enough to put all our necessaries.

asset (1)
Table and TV

The Bathroom

Unfortunately, we didn’t capture a good picture for the bathroom. From our own personal experience, we thought that the bathroom feels a little less spacious compared to other hotels like Aventree Busan. There is no separated standing shower in the bathroom.

asset (2)

We are not really a fan of their bathroom series as they didn’t carry the kind of smell that we fancy.


The towels are clean and comfortable. We didn’t notice any stain on any of the towels that are given to us.

Worth the Price?

Due to our own mistakes, we paid more than what we were supposed to pay for the hotel. If we proceed with our original booking, we should be paying about $250/night.

If we compare this to hotels in other countries, this hotel is not very worth for its price. However, accommodation in Japan is generally much more expensive. If we are to compare this hotel to the chain hotels (e.g. APA, Remm), you will find that it is worth for its size and comfort. For people who are alright with smaller rooms and prefer a cheaper choice, this is definitelyΒ not the right hotel for you.

Perhaps if you are visiting Japan for the first time, you may want to take a look at Remm Akihabara or other chain hotels first (for cheaper price and still convenient) before you look for a hotel with bigger rooms.

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