Discounted Netflix Subscription with Liveup Membership

We were shopping for our MicroSD card on Lazada when we saw Liveup Membership Programme. A further research leads us to the fact that this programme is offered by Lazada and Redmart (or the Alibaba-owned websites) as a new initiative to attract more patrons.

Liveup Membership

Here’s a summary of the benefits if you sign up for a 60 days trial with Liveup:

  • 10% rebate on every Lazada orders until 30 June (5% thereafter with $50 capped per month)
  • 5% rebate on every redmart orders (no capped!)
  • Free Delivery for both Taobao Collection and Lazada orders
  • Free 2 months trial for Netflix (another 4 months free if you pay for the membership after 60 days trial)
  • SGD10 off for every 10th Uber Ride and Uber VIP Access for discounted price
  • β€œFree” delivery for Ubereats (for orders over SGD 35)
  • First-year membership SGD 28.80 (was 49.90).

What may be good for you?

Additional Rebates for your Shopping Sprees

If you shop on Lazada or Redmart often, this may be a good initiative for you to collect some rebates for your purchase on top of your credit card rewards/cashback.

SGD 0.45 for a SGD 4.50 item we purchased from Lazada. Expires on 29.05.2017, exactly a month after the order is fully fulfilled.

Rebates will be accounted back to your individual account (e.g. Lazada’s rebate back to Lazada) so you can use it for your next purchase. It’s probably designed this way such that you will be tempted to purchase from the same website again.

Discounted Netflix Subscriptions

If you are Netflix owner, you may want to consider Liveup Membership for 2-month free subscription and 4-month β€˜discounted’ subscription. Take for example in our case, we signed up for a free trial with Netflix just two weeks ago to assess our wants for such a service. With this membership, our free subscription is extended to another 2 months. Assuming we paid for the membership after 60 days, we can continue our subscription for another 4 months.

SGD 27.96 credited into Netflix upon linking up your account with Liveup Membership

Since the membership is only SGD 28.80/year under the promotion, you are essentially paying only SGD 7.20/month for your netflix subscriptions. The cheapest plan in Netflix costs SGD 10.98/month. You will be enjoying a discounted price for your subscription no matter which plan you have subscribed to.

β€œFree” Delivery for Ubereats

If you use this service often, then this may be something good for you. The only condition is that the order has to be over SGD 35. We thought that it is not that difficult to hit if you are purchasing food for at least 2-3 person. Better than nothing, right?

What may not concern you?

Free delivery?

We have not paid for any delivery fee ever since we started shopping on Lazada. Hence, we are not too sure how this becomes a upfront benefit to anyone who’s interested in signing up a membership.

Uber rides and VIP access rides?

You will receive SGD 10 for every 10th ride. If your ride is always less than SGD 10, then we would think that this offer is great. If you ride is more than SGD 10, you are receiving less or equal than 15% discount (SGD 10 * 9 rides = SGD 90). To be honest, you may be getting better discounts by using other promo codes ($5 off one ride) or apps.

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β 1.PNGΒ  Β asset.PNG

You will also be given exclusive access to take premium rides at a discounted price. Basically, you will be paying the same price for premium rides as what you will be paying for the normal rides. The kick is that there is less premium cars on the road driving Uber. Hence, you may not be assigned with a driver as quickly as compared to the normal car (3 mins vs 8 mins in the example below).

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β asset (2).PNGΒ asset (3).PNG

We took a VIP ride yesterday, just for fun. Initially we were assigned with a Mercendez-Benz Class C… but the driver decided to cancel on us (or maybe it’s a phantom car) and we were assigned with a Nissan Sylphy. Oh well, at least we get to go home comfortably in a car.

asset (2)_LI.jpg
Have no idea that Nissan Sylphy is classified as a premium car.


Worth it? For us, we find it worth our penny due to discounted Netflix subscriptions (and we do have thoughts to extend our free trial after using for two weeks). Hence, we will definitely go ahead and sign up for the annual membership.

If you are signing up solely for shopping or uber, we would suggest you to rethink about the benefits. Rebates are good; but you won’t be making worth of your SGD 28.80 unless you spend about SGD 580 (mandatory spending) per year on these platforms.

Well, there is no fee in signing up for the trial. After 60 days free trial, you may want to analyse your spending patterns on Redmart and Lazada. If you have not benefited from the membership, do remember to cancel before they charge to your credit card!

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