Review: Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

Review: Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

written by limkopi April 29, 2017

I bought Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 to replace my old iPad 2 as it could no longer keep up with the latest iOS. I’m not any expert in reviewing a gadget but I will try my best to describe my experience as accurate as possible.

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

Advertised as the “Ultimate Tablet for Gamers”, Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 comes with Nvidia Tegra K1 chip, 4x Cortex A-16 CPU, 2 GB ram and 16 GB internal storage.

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

I purchased the tablet (without the Shield controller) for S$ 238.90 after applying S$ 50 discount coupon on Qoo10. The official website sells the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 at US$ 199.99 (about S$ 280~).

The 8-inch tablet feels like it’s made for my small hands. I was able to type comfortably while I hold the tablet with both hands. Unlike iPad, Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 has a matte black finish on its back so it’s harder to slip off from my sweaty palms.

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 - Matt Black Finish for its back feels really good on hand!

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 – Matt Black Finish for its back feels really good on hand!

The tablet is really very light as compared to iPad 2. It feels as though there’s no weight added when I tucked it in my backpack.

Are There Any Issues Watching High-Def Videos on Nvidia Shield Tablet K1?

There are no issues watching 1080p on YouTube and Netflix. I didn’t experience any lags or unsynchronized audio on these apps. However, it appears that the Toggle app crashes very often when I tried to play a video from catch-up TV. This is the same case for our iPhone 6 and iPad, hence, we do believe that the problem lies on the application and not the tablet.

I was also able to project the videos successfully to my Sony TV through a mini HDMI cable. The process is seamless and almost instantaneous.

How Is The Gaming Experience?

One of the games I have been playing recently is Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t run smoothly on my Shield Nvidia Tablet K1. Well, to be fair, the game doesn’t run that smoothly on our iPhone 6s (but a lot better).

To make full use of your gaming experience, it is recommended to purchase the Shield Controller and subscribe to GeForce Now (game streaming service at US$ 7.99/month). As a casual gamer, I find it more than sufficient to play the games on Play Store.

There are, however, a couple of great series on GeForce Now. For instance, you can play Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Thief or even Hitman: Absolute on your tablet.

Can The Battery Last?

The battery is reasonably good. I was able to watch Netflix for an hour with 30% battery life without depleting it completely. The tablet can continue without a full charge for nearly a week for web-browsing.


If you are thinking to purchase this tablet for gaming, I suggest looking for Nintendo Switch. I don’t think this tablet is ready for intensive gaming.

On the other hand, this is a good tablet for video streaming and lightweight web browsing. Consider the fact that iPad costs at least S$ 300, this tablet is a good steal.

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