Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Review

We purchased a Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 to replace our old iPad as it could not no longer keep up to the latest iOS. We are not any expert in reviewing a gadget but we will try our best in describing our experience with the tablet as accurate as possible.

The Nvidia Shield K1

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is manufactured with gamers in mind. Advertised as the β€œUltimate Tablet for Gamers”, it comes with Nvidia Tegra K1 chip (the same chip used Nintendo Switch), 4x Cortex-A15 CPU and 2GB ram. Our version has 16 GB internal storage and can be expanded up to 200 GB with a micro SD. We have recently just purchased a 32 GB micro SD and it works out of the box with the Shield.

Love the back of the tablet – made in matte and comfortable on hand

To make full use of the gaming experience, you can purchase the Shield Controller and subscribed to the Stream services. Basically, you pay to stream games from the cloud.

Our Experience

We purchased our tablet for SGD 238.90 after applying a SGD 50 discount coupon in Qoo10. This is considered as a cheap and good deal as the official website sells the Shield at USD 199.99 (SGD 280~). We did not purchase the Shield Controller as we are not any avid gamers. Besides, Google Play Store already has enough mobile games to keep us busy!

The tablet is mainly used for the following purposes​:

  • Watching videos on YouTube, Toggle and Netflix
  • Writing blog posts on Google Docs
  • Reading feeds from various social media websites
  • Playing mobile games such as Crash Royale and Hay Day

Using the Tablet

We use the tablet on a daily basis. One thing we really appreciate is that it is really really very light compared to our iPad. It’s almost like no weight is added to our belongings when we tucked it in our backpack. At 8inch, we also find the tablet comfortably good for typing with both hands.

Sometimes, we do experience lags in using the tablet. We suspect we might have pushed the memory to the maximum such that it’s unable to handle the load. Now, we make it an effort to kill the background apps to minimise such unpleasant experience to happen.

Watching Videos

There is no issues watching 1080p on YouTube and Netflix Well, we didn’t experience any lags or unsynchronized​ audio on these apps. Do note that Toggle app tends to crash very often. And this is the same case for our iPhone 6 and iPad. Hence, we do believe that the problem lies on the application and not the tablet.

We have also successfully projected the videos from Netflix and Youtube to our Sony TV through a mini HDMI cable to HDMI without any issues too. The setup is fuss free: almost plug and play.

Playing Mobile Games

Yes, we do game but we do light mobile games. Playing mobile games on a tablet is a much more enriching experience as your screen gets bigger and better compared to a phone.

One of the games we have been playing recently is Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. Even though the tablet is advertised to be the ultimate tablet for gamers, the game doesn’t seem to run smoothly on our Shield. Well, to be fair, the game doesn’t run that smoothly on our iPhone 6s (but a lot better).

If you are looking for a tablet to play such an intense game, we suspect the latest iPad or Samsung tablets might still be better in doing this.

Observing the Battery Life

Since we did not do intensive gaming, our battery life is reasonably good. We could watch Netflix for an hour with 30% battery life without depleting it completely thereafter. If we only do light browsing (social media and feeds) for about 1-2 hours per day, the Shield can continue without a full charge for nearly a week.

Basically, the battery life has not cause any obvious problems to our user experience.


If you are going purchasing this tablet just for gaming, you may want to look for other alternatives (Nintendo Switch maybe). Honestly, we don’t game that much but we are not too positive on how far can the streaming service takes off. Otherwise if you are looking to play an intensive game, this might not be a good tablet for you either.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an alternative for video streaming, light mobile gamings and simple browsing, this is definitely a good deal to cling even at non-discounted price. Consider the fact that the cheapest iPad is at least $300 and more, this tablet is really cheap for those tasks that we mentioned above.

After using it for few months, we are really happy with this tablet!

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