Our Pleasant Experience with QDelivery Service

We are always very excited when we get a potential business. Yes, we still feel very excited despite operating our business for more than a year (well, who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash?). But our excitement always die off when we realised that we might not be able to deliver our parcels promptly to our buyers.

There are several factors. In this particular case, we are required to deliver a 9kg parcel to a buyer who purchased the item through Shopee. Firstly, we do not have a car. Secondly, the destination is really very far from our origin so public transport is out of question. Lastly, we are so busy over the weekends that we could not afford to make the delivery ourselves.

Yes please don’t scrutinise us that we do not have a proper logistics planned out for our business. This is the first time we have to deliver a 9 kg parcel to a buyer.

That’s when we remembered about the β€œQdelivery service by Qxpress. In the past, Qxpress is only available to Qoo10 sellers. Just recently (maybe it’s all along there) they have decided to open up this service to consumers! We went ahead and here we are, sharing our first experience with Qdelivery.

How to Use Qdelivery?

Requesting for Delivery

First, you have to pack your items in a box or an envelope. Qdelivery service provides delivery service but does not offer any packaging services. You will also have to make sure your parcel size does not add up to 160 cm (sums up the height, width and depth of the box).

Note: you have to sign in before you can enter the links that we shared in the following paragraphs.

Then, you have purchase the Qdelivery voucher for your parcel. The price differs according to weight. Currently, they are able to deliver items between 0 kg and 30 kg. Our parcel weighted around 9 kg, which costs us $6.50.

Requesting for QDelivery
Requesting for QDelivery

Next, you have to arrange the delivery in this page and pay using the voucher you have purchased previously. You will be able to select the date for your parcel to be picked up from the location you have stated in the address box. Even though there seems to be an option for you to select a pickup timing, there is only one time slot (9:00 – 21:00) available at the time of writing.

We made a note in the memo to request the delivery man to come after 12pm. Indeed, he came only in the afternoon. But we are unable to verify if he read our memo or it’s just a routine that he will reach our area around that timing.

Once confirmed, your request will appear in My QDelivery. The β€œPickup No” is essentially the tracking number that you can provide your buyer. Both your buyer and you can track the parcel in this page with the tracking number.

Preparing for Pickup

Please note that you have to print out the pickup label from Qoo10. We made a mistake of not printing as it was noted in the mobile page that we can just write the pickup number on the box. The delivery man told us that it was no longer the case as they need the label for their logistics processes. But he’s really nice to come back the next day to pickup our parcel again.

Requesting for QDelivery
Requesting for QDelivery
My QDelivery
View your request here. Remember to print your label here too! It will appear when you have requested your delivery.

So do remember to print out the label from Qoo10 website (you can’t view on mobile) and paste it on your parcel!

Our Experience

We felt that the service is really great. The process is very straightforward and there is nothing for you to worry about. Once you have requested for delivery, you just have to wait for the delivery man to pick it up from your location.

Our parcel is delivered to our buyer the day after Qdelivery has picked up from us. There was no hassle and everything went smoothly. What we really like is the fact that the price is truly transparent. Weigh your parcel, make sure it’s within the required dimensions and you are good to go.

We will definitely use QDelivery again if we need to!

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