Instant Noodles Review: Nissin Mini Cup Noodle Curry

This is the first of our series on Instant Noodles from All Over the World

So what do we have for the first instant noodles review?

Nissin Mini Cup Noodle Curry from Japan! We bought this from Japan last February. It comes in three sizes – Mini (160ml), Regular (300ml) and Big (390ml). We bought the mini size back to Singapore as it is easier for us to keep in our luggage (and just a right size to eat like a snack).

Photo 3-6-17, 10 43 15 AM
Nissin Mini Cup Noodle Curry

The curry flavour is unique to Japan. You can find these cup noodles in any convenience store. We didn’t remember seeing this flavor anywhere in our local supermarket. However, you can probably find these in the import section or Japanese supermarket.

Photo 3-6-17, 10 43 39 AM
Front View – Nissin Mini Cup Noodle Curry

Inside the cup noodle you can find some vegetables, enormous amount of potatoes and little chicken cubes. Unlike Singapore’s Nissin Cup Noodles, the seasoning powders are already pre-opened in the cup.

Photo 3-6-17, 10 44 55 AM
Potatoes, chicken cubes and seasoning powder ready in the cup. There are also carrots and vegetable at the bottom of the cup.

The noodles are thin and flat – just like those we have in Singapore. So if you already love Nissin’s cup noodles in Singapore, then you will also love this! If you put less water than the line, you can get a less watery curry noodles. However, it will be saltier. Otherwise, it will just be like any other soup-based cup noodles.

asset (1)
We love the flat and thin noodles! And also the flavour too!

The potatoes are perfectly cooked (assuming you keep to the 3 minutes timing). If you are a potato lover, you will really love how these potatoes are included in the cup noodles. The chicken cubes taste really great with the curry broth!

However, if you are looking for spicy curry, this is definitely not the cup noodles that you are looking for. Do remember that Japanese curry tends to be non-spicy.


We can’t remember how much we have bought from the convenience stores but we remember that it’s not very expensive. This acts as a really good gift for people who love instant noodles as much as us!

If you are looking for a cup noodles to fulfill your meal, you might want to purchase the regular or big size instead! We believe the taste should be identical!

We will definitely bring more curry noodles back to Singapore when we have a chance to travel to Japan again. The broth is pretty good and the ingredients match perfectly.


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