10% Off on Prepaid Top-up with Lazada

If you have been using Starhub HappyRoam as your primary prepaid card for traveling, then you should really take advantage of this offer!

As a launching special, Lazada is offering 10% off on all top-ups! If we are not wrong, Qoo10 is also offering the same discount. But since we have only tried on Lazada, we can only share our experience in this platform.

How to Top-Up?

First, go to this page and enter your prepaid number in the box. If you have entered a valid number, you will be given a few choices to top-up your prepaid card. Basically, there are two main categories – Balance and Data.

As the name suggested, the “Balance” tab shows a list of options with different amount of money you can top-up the balance in the prepaid card. We were quite confused with the type (e.g. Green Card, Happy Stars) of top-up at this stage. But later we realised it doesn’t really matter after we tried a $5 Green Card Top-up on our HappyRoam Card.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.23.05 AM.png
Options under “Balance” Tab

The “Data” tab consists of a series of data plan that you can purchase straight for your prepaid card. The price-before-discount is exactly the same as the one shown in the Happy Prepaid App.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.23.12 AM
Options under “Data” tab

There are pros and cons for purchasing the data plan straightaway instead of topping up the balance in your card:

  • Absolutely no credits for call-time or SMS.
  • Absolutely no credits for additional data when your data is depleted
  • No need to worry that the credits are used unintentionally. For example, we encourage you to enable your data plan at home or airport with WIFI. Otherwise, you may be charged for using data in Singapore… and honestly this can easily hit $5.

Personal Experience

We topped up $5 credit last month as we went to Johor Bahru (with 10% discount + rebates we got from Liveup Membership). The credit is credited into our prepaid card almost instantly after we paid on Lazada.


For some reasons, we are unable to use our liveup rebates to offset the top-up now.

Our first $5 credit also depleted almost instantly as we tried to activate a data plan while we were still on our way to Johor Bahru. Later we realised our $5 depleted so fast because our prepaid card was using data locally. The way to prevent such thing from happening is to switch off data/data-roaming and use WIFI at home/airport to purchase a plan on Happy Prepaid. 

Other than the little drama that we had (hey $5 is a lot!), we have no problem in using Lazada’s platform to top up our prepaid card! In fact, we find this much faster (and instant) than the top-up system offered in Happy Prepaid App (took a while to top-up).


If you are topping up your prepaid card, why not take a look at Lazada Mobile Charge to save some money! If you have Liveup Membership, you can get more discount and accumulate some rebates for next use.

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