Hotel Review: Hotel Fort Canning (Deluxe Room)

We are proud to have our first guest writer, Riviolas, to share her wonderful experience with Hotel Fort Canning during her ROM!

Hotel Fort Canning

My Check-In Experience

Fort Canning Hotel, which lies in one of the historical sites in Singapore, is a beautiful British colony styled architecture, inside and outside.

We booked this hotel just for a night before the day of my ROM. No prior research was done on the hotel.

The staffs at the counter were really friendly and congratulated us on our ROM. The check-in was smooth and swift.

The first surprise I’ve got from this Hotel is that apparently, in the evening, a 1hour session of free-flow chilled fruit punch, complimentary wine (any wine) as well as light refreshments will be available for any in-house guests. If you are a wine person, you will love it!

About Accessibility

Without a car, it is quite a far walk from the MRT, especially in this hot climate. Whichever way you come from, you have to climb up some stairs into the park to reach the hotel. Dhoby Ghaut station is the nearest to Hotel Fort Canning.

After climbing the stairs to the hotel, be prepared to climb another few more steps to reach the reception area. Alternatively, go into the carpark and take the lift up to the reception area.

From Fort Canning, you can actually easily walk/ drive to Dhoby Ghaut area, City hall area, Clarke Quay area.

All these places have their own delicious yums which can be found in other food focused sites. Clarke Quay is one of the hottest spots in Singapore for bar goes. Enjoy your evening by the side of Singapore River with a glass or cocktail isn’t a bad idea.

The Deluxe Room with 1 King Bed

Honestly, I did not expect a normal deluxe room to look so luxurious and beautiful. To clarify, I do not mean high end European luxurious style. This is another style of luxury by itself!

I was really amazed with the room when we were showed in. But because the impression I had from the room, I couldn’t help but remove my shoes before stepping in. The hotel staff apologized for stepping in with his shoe hahahaha. I was dumb.

So anyway, you can take a look at the photos below. All taken by my humble iPhone 6plus. The mix of brown elegance, those greens that are so close to the room and the amount of natural lighting you can get from this hotel room is what you can’t find in most hotels. It feels almost like a resort and spa hotel isn’t it.

First step into the gorgeous deluxe room

Knowing that it is our ROM day the next day, the hotel staffs folded our towels into a pair of swan.

Kind gesture from them! As you can see, the wardrobe is quite big, equipped with full length mirror. I think the mirror did a great job in reflecting natural light into the room as well.


Wherever I stay, I very often filter according to the looks of their bathroom as well. (and hence, my friends call me β€œWorld Toilet Organisation CEO”.) Take a look at Fort Canning Hotel’s marble toilet!

Marble Toilet

The marble interior made the bathroom luxurious and elegant. How many bathrooms in the cheapest room of Singapore hotel caters this much space for their bathroom? I have to emphasize cheapest because this is the bathroom you get from the cheapest room in Fort Canning Hotel!



Oh, and don’t worry about exposing yourself to potential peeking toms who might have climbed up the tree to peek on Fort Canning Hotels guests. All glass panels you see in this hotels have a switch to bring down the blinds. You don’t have to pull them, the blinds are controlled by switches.

This is when you bring down the blinds.



Toiletries are kept in a classic wooden box beside the sink.Β 

Wooden box for all your toiletries

Love those French doors~


And yeap, TV’s mounted on the wall, opposite the bed so you can enjoy TV shows in your bed. Saves space and perfect for couch potato like me!

TV mounted on the wall just right in front of the bed

I hope this is helpful for travellers and staycation goers.

With love,

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