Are You Confused By DBS Reward Points System?

Are You Confused By DBS Reward Points System?

written by limkopi June 18, 2017

My friends said that I have OCD when it comes to miles and personal finance.

Well, maybe I do.

I track my points to ensure that I receive all my bonus points. Come on, I don’t think you want your bonus points to go down the drains right?

So when I realised that DBS does not have a clear reward points system, it was horrifying.

So What Did DBS Do To Their Reward Points System?

Let me walk you through my recent experience with DBS Woman’s World.

First, let’s take a snippet at their T&C for the card:

  • 1X DBS Point will be awarded for every S$5 online retail spend one working day after the transaction posting date.

  • The additional 9X DBS Points for online retail spend in a calendar month will be awarded on the 16th of the next calendar month. If the above days are not working days, the Points will be awarded on the next working day

If we understand correctly, you will receive additional 9x bonus points on the 16th of next calendar month. A eligible transaction in June 17th will yield you bonus points in July 16th.

I made my first ever transaction on 14th May 2017 for this card so I should be receiving all the bonus points on 16th June 2017, right?

So here comes the problem.

In May, I spent a total S$ 205.60. Assuming that all my transactions are eligible for 1x reward, I should receive 41 DBS points.

Guess what?

I received 72 DBS points.

My credit card statement cycles on the 12th of the calendar month. From what I understand, I should not be getting any additional points from May’s statement.

DBS decides to give me more points than what I expected. As someone who is trying to track all the expenses, it becomes difficult to know which are the eligible transaction.

I always wonder how does crowdsourcing works on Hardwarezone. Do they call DBS’s CSO every time they receive their credit card statements?

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is DBS has such a confusing reward points system that it’s causing troubles to the consumers. If they have made it clearer, there will be less calls to the service centre.

It’s a ranting post but…

If you have any tips to keep track of your DBS points, please let me know!


Mel & Suan June 19, 2017 - 3:22 am

Too complicated for us!

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