Confusing Points Award System by DBS

Two months ago, we applied for DBS Woman’s World to maximise our miles for online purchases. If you are unaware, DBS Woman’s World gives 10x DBS points for every S$5 (4 miles/S$1). Of course, there are other cards in the market that give you 4 miles for every dollar spends but we are trying to consolidate our points into one bank so that it’s easier to transfer in blocks.

As much as we love this card, we really hate to track our points with DBS. Why? Let’s take a look at theirΒ Terms & ConditionsΒ for this card:

  • 1X DBS Point will be awarded for every S$5 online retail spend one working day after the transaction posting date.
  • The additional 9X DBS Points for online retail spend in a calendar month will be awarded on the 16th of the next calendar month. If the above days are not working days, the Points will be awarded on the next working day

If we understand correctly, you will receive the additional 9x DBS points on the 16th of the next calendar month (or next working day). You will receive the 1x DBS point a day after the transaction is posted to the credit card.

So anyway, we made our first transaction for this card on 14th May 2017. According to the clause, we will only receive our additional points on 16th June 2017. Okay, so what’s confusing you may ask…

We spent a total of S$205.60 in May 2017. If all our transactions are eligible, we should receive 41 DBS points. However, we received 72 DBS points!Β Our credit card statement cycles on the 12th June 2017. Hence, we should not be receiving any additional points since they are supposed to award only on the 16th of the next calendar month.

We are in the midst of tracking the transactions so that we can use the right credit card for the right type of spending. Just as we thought we can start afresh with the Woman’s card (Altitude card is in a mess now so it’s difficult to track), DBS decides it’s better to confuse their customers.

It’s not that we are complaining when DBS decides to give us more points than we expected for this calendar. If they honor their clauses, it will be easier for all of us to track the transactions. It will also be easier for their CSO to deals with customers like us (well at least we don’t call and ask why are the points more than usual). We really have to give credit to OCBC and HSBC as their system is made easier to track the bonus points.

But what can we do right? Oh well.

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