How We Earn Miles from Dining

How We Earn Miles from Dining

written by limkopi July 8, 2017

Who loves to eat? Who wants to earn miles from dining?

Yes we love to eat and we want to earn miles too. Whether you like it or not, most of us spend quite a bit of our money on dining. As a travel hacker, we can’t just let this opportunity to earn more miles go to nowhere!

These days, it’s really hard to find a credit card that can earn more than 0.4 miles per dollar spent on dining. There used to be the HSBC Advanced Card that gives a very good reward points for dining. Unfortunately, good stuffs don’t last and this card is almost irrelevant now.

Just Tell Us How To Earn Miles From Dining…

Okay hereeee you go!

If you don’t mind getting another credit card in your wallet, you should really get HSBC Visa Revolution in one of those slots! You might be thinking… what’s so wonderful about this card?

Well because…

This is the only entry card that gives 2 miles for every dollar spent on local dining transactions.

Yes, you see it right! This is the only card that allow you to earn extra miles for dining!

Since food is a mandatory expense, banks do not have to attract consumers into using their credit cards. If you have a card, you will use it somehow. 

We must say that HSBC is smart in this way. Since it’s the only card that gives 2 miles for every dollar spent on food, travel hackers like us will definitely opt for this card!

Sharing Our Experience with the HSBC Visa Revolution

Still not convinced? Nevermind, let us share our experience with this card.

In May, we spent a total S$ 293.02 on our Visa Revolution Card. Out of this, only S$ 202.02 belongs to local dining transactions. We received a total of 293 reward points. All our spending in May is eligible for 1x reward points.

Where’s 5x?!

Okay relax, you will only get the adjusted points in the next statement unless your cycle falls between the qualified date.

So in June, we received a total of 688 adjusted reward points. From what we understand, these were the additional points given for making eligible transactions on our card.

We did some math…

$ eligible for 4x = 688/4 = S$ 172
Ineligible $ = S$ 202.02 – S$ 172 = ~S$ 30.02

The points tell us that only S$ 172 are eligible for the 4x bonus points. The next step we did is to take the difference between our total transaction on dining and awarded eligible transaction on dining to see what’s the restaurant that does not make it to the list.

And we realised… it’s Sushi Express! Don’t ask us why… perhaps they did not register their merchant code under erm.. restaurants or fastfood?

That’s not the point! We are pretty happy with that 6 out of 7 restaurants that we frequently visited (including McDonalds) are eligible for 5x reward points. HSBC is also very clear in its statement so it’s relatively easier for travel hacker like us to track all our points.

Oh did we mention that you can transfer in blocks of 5000 points (2000 miles) instead of 25,000 points (10,000 miles)? It’s actually much easier especially when you just need that few more blocks to hit your target miles.

We have also created a sheets for HSBC Visa Revolution so we can use other cards for those without 5x reward points here! Hope this helps everyone who are chasing miles like we do.

Now we are interested to know what else are up your sleeves to earn miles from dining! Share with us if you have any tips that we should know too!

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