Review: The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Concentrate

Review: The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Concentrate

written by hiaopopo July 11, 2017

I have started using the Drops of Youth Concentrate since July 2017 after I’ve seen many good reviews on this product range.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Collection

According to The Body Shop, this line of the collection is meant to target for the first signs of aging. It helps to enhance skin condition to make it look smooth, fresher and healthier. Based on what I understand, Drops of Youth contains mostly natural flower extracts that are good in protecting the skins.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Collection

Body Shop Drops of Youth Collection
(Image Credit: Body Shop Website)

So What’s So Good About Drops of Youth?

The Drops of Youth collection contains water, alcohol and several different plant cells extract. Hence if you are allergic to alcohol (or dislike alcohol on your skin), you may want to take note that this product may not be suitable for your use.

If we take a look at their ingredients and pick a few to understand:

It has Chondrus Crispus Powder. This ingredient has full of minerals and vitamins that are essential for healthy skin. It is also useful in protecting the skin against strong UV lights, which can protect your skins from sun damages.

The extracts of Malva Sylvestris is also commonly used as a pain reliever for its ability in wound healing and pain reduction. In this case, the extract forms a soothing and protective gel that is very useful in smoothe dry and rough skin. Since it has rich anti-inflammatory property, it can also assist to retain fluid on the skin.

Hence, it has the following advantages (found on the website):

  • Enhance Surface Skin Condition
  • Smoothes the Skin
  • Instant Moisturizing the Skin

Basically, you can be like Benjamin Button – get younger each day!

How I Use The Product

Like any other day, I will clean my face with facial wash. Then I will apply toner, Drops of Youth, serum, and moisturizer in the given sequence.

Effects I See After Using The Product

Well, it doesn’t show much difference in the first week for me though the advertisement says clear results will be shown in 7 days. I thought that this product doesn’t work well for me but the effects came later. Phew.

  • I see my pores getting smaller and less visible.
  • My skin is getting more radiant and bright.
  • I see my face glowing every morning.
  • My face feels a lot smoother now.

What I Like About Drops of Youth Concentrate

Drops of Youth Concentrate can also be absorbed by the skin very quickly. As soon as you apply and a pat on your face, you can feel that your skin absorbed the liquid in a short time. I also felt that it is really very moisturizing.

I had the impression that the product will be very sticky. After all, it is using a flower extract that is supposed to feel like gel. And Please… the bottle looks like it’s carrying some sticky chemical. It’s going to be very uncomfortable to have a sticky face every time I apply this product. Fortunately, it is not sticky at all.

In addition, I love the good smell. With so many different plant extracts, this really gives the product a pleasant and refreshing smell.

The concentrate is kept in a green glass bottle with a dropper cap that makes it easy to handle and apply. However, you have to be really careful with the dropper as it is made of glass. I broke mine accidentally when I dropped the cap on the floor.

What I Don’t Like About Drops of Youth Concentrate

Cost. A 50ml bottle is retailing at S$ 79.90 and the 30ml ones cost S$ 59.90. Being a very kiasu Singaporean, I bought the bigger bottle because it’s more cost-effective. I do understand that concentrate is a lot more costly but still, S$ 79.90 is really very expensive given the amount.

Unfortunately, this product does make my face a little bit oilier than before. It does not cause any breakouts so it does not really bother me. The only downside is that I have to touch up in the middle of the day if I use the product.


All in all, I still find it a very good product where you don’t really have to spend a lot of effort in maintaining. I started seeing some results on my face after the third week of using the product. I will continue using it and will probably share more again in future.

Do share with me in the comment section on your experience if you are also using it! (:


beautyonabudget94 July 11, 2017 - 11:11 pm

It sounds like a lovely product <3 It may be too rich for me during the day, but I like rich products for my night-routine 🙂 Their sleeping pack from this line, sounds good as well

Beauty On A Budget

hiaopopo July 11, 2017 - 11:44 pm

@beautyonabudget94 yes! i use it only at night too! the recommended application is twice a day though (: I haven’t try the mask yet! Will do so when I have the chance! (:


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