The Perfect Sunblock : Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock

The Perfect Sunblock : Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock

written by hiaopopo July 11, 2017

Are you always very frustrated for not finding the perfect sunblock that can give you the perfect coverage, but yet will not dry your skin and at the same time will be able to control the oil on your face?

Getting the right skincare / makeup products has always been challenging for me. I didn’t come from a rich family, I couldn’t afford good and expensive skincare / makeup hence I am always on a lookout for good product at an affordable range.

Over the last decade, products from Korea has been increasing known for its wide range of cost effective products and even till today, Korea is still one of the best place where you can really shop till you drop on its skincare / makeup products!

Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock

Today, I would like to share about this amazing sunblock that I have been using since 4 years ago – Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock with SPF 35.

Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock

Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock

I received my first tube of this free sample from Innisfree and initially I did not think much about this. I was previously using Brand X Sunblock and it was nothing fantastic but it wasn’t bringing any harm to my skin so I continued using them.

Unfortunately (or fortunately I should say) Brand X Sunblock ran out one fine day and the sotong me forgot to replenish it so I then decided to try out the free sample from Innisfree and I have been using it since then.

What I Like About The Sunblock 

It is not oily, hence, you don’t have to worry about applying your makeup properly. Brand X Sunblock feels very oily throughout the day. My make up tends to smudge very easily too. This sunblock from Innisfree on the other hand gives me a worry-free application everyday.

This sunblock also controls the oil from your face and the face will feel fresh after a long day out. I am a lazy bum who hate to touch up in the middle of the day or to use oil blotters. With this sunblock, I don’t need to touch up basically if i don’t head outdoors or perspire that much (and usually i don’t).

Even though it seems dry upon applying to your skin, it doesn’t clog pores. Best of all, it can be use as a makeup base. Perfect for a lazy bum like me.

It is very affordable! It is retailing at S$ 30 in Innisfree Singapore. If you do have friends traveling to Korea it’s even cheaper! In Korea, it is retaining at 8500 Won and that’s about S$ 10~. The tube size is very generously! One tube can last for about 3-4 months!

I personally feel that it is quite a good gift idea too.

What I Don’t Like About The Sunblock 

Yes. Nothing.

I love it and I have been recommending this product to all my friends. Perhaps, the product’s smell can be a little bit better than this!


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