Top 5 Unique Travel Experiences in Europe

Top 5 Unique Travel Experiences in Europe

written by riviolas January 22, 2018

Europe, renowned for its romantic architectures and landscapes, it is no wonder for most of us, curious adventurers, to want to visit Europe at least once in our lifetime.

Rococo palaces, instaworthy photospots and breathtaking scenic landscapes.
Western and Eastern Europe’s individual beauty.

There are countless of must-go places, and depending on the length of your stay, you probably might not be able to cover all the Tourist hotspots. What if, we can show you what you can do without going through all these Tourist hotspots?

Touring palaces, gardens, shopping at factory outlets?
No, we aren’t talking about the mainstream tourist attractions.

Here are the 5 unique experiences which we think are underrated and missed out by many travellers.


Equestrian Experience

Is this your first time seeing this word? Equestrian means horse riding.
Ever thought of exploring the beautiful landscape on horsebacks?

There are lots of places in Europe that offers Equestrian activities even for beginners.
If you want to experience Europe like back in the olden days on horsebacks, Equestrian activities might really be just the right fit for you.

For horse performances, Austria’s Spanish Riding School is a popular attraction for horse lovers.

Our pick to add into your Italy itinerary:

  • ITALY: Toscana Ranch

  • ITALY: Adventure Trails on horseback

  • ITALY, Rome: Veio Q Horses, Horseback riding in Rome

*Take note that the prices of Equestrian experience in a riding school will definitely cost more than a ranch experience.


Perfume making

Have you also wondered where does your favourite perfume or cologne came from?
Do you constantly wish to find your own personalised scent?
There is a reason why Grasse of France, is famed for been the perfume capital of the world.

Think of Christian Dior, Chanel N °5, these famed fragrances originated from Grasse. This is not an ordinary town with a few flower field but massive fields for the harvesting of the world’s desired fragrances.

And of course, this place is also the perfect spot for curious travellers to learn how to make perfumes/ colognes from Master “Noses”, a term for perfume experts.

We recommend you to take up a few hours to create your own fragrance at

  • Parfumerie Galimard
  • Parfumerie Molinard

These perfumeries are both in Grasse.
However, if you do not have the time to visit Grasse, there are other parts of France where you can drop by for a visit.


Helicopter Tour

How else to enjoy the magnificent view of romantic Europe other than from the skies!
Consider looking at Garden of Versailles from above. A different perspective, a different experience.
It is true that Helicopter rides aren’t as affordable as any other transport. Sometimes, it might even be as expensive as private jet.

Not all Helicopter tour are out of reach.
Take for example, Viator’s helicopter Versailles tour:

Title: Versailles Helicopter Tour from Paris

  • Cost: $362.52/ person
  • Excluding:
    – Gratuities
    – Food and drinks
    – Hotel pick-up and drop-off
    – Airport tax (24.50euros/ person)

Cooking classes

We believe in enriching our knowledge through our travels.

Hence, we would recommend you to try immerse more in the local’s culture by learning from the locals. Some cooking classes packages itself with a local market tour. You will be travelling with a local to learn what the market offers before the cooking lessons.

Viator’s wide variety of cooking are good for travellers without a tour group.
Try putting some of these classes into your itinerary and make your trip a fruitful one!


Engaging in a holiday photographer

Many of us can’t help snapping moments everywhere we go, partly because of how social media influence we had in our life. Why not engage in a holiday photographer to have your precious moments taken? You can go on and enjoy your every day journey without the hassle of snapping everywhere you go.

If you don’t like to be the subject, some photographers even offer photography tour whereby you can learn a trick or so during your holidays!
Again, the concept of enriching your knowledge through travelling!

There are a few convenient sites you can use to find your holiday photographers.
Prices varies in countries and number of pax.

Here’s our little comparison for a Paris Photoshoot.



And that is all we have for the Top 5 Unique Experiences you can get in Europe.
We hope we have given you a different outlook on how else you can enhance your itinerary to create your personalised special moments. Till next article!

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