Journey to Growth Hacking Instagram

Note: If you happen to stumble upon this post, chances are you already know what the heck is growth hacking. We’re new in this area and I’m still in the journey to become a true growth hacker. This is part of our learning journey as we jot down our experience in becoming a growth hacker.

Well, who in the right mind doesn’t want their business to grow big? If you have been following our posts about Qoo10, you will have guessed that we are doing an online business. It is a small humble business. But just like any business owner, we are hoping that this can eventually be a big one for our early retirement.

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Journey of a Qoo10 Seller: How to use Qpost

Journey of a Qoo10 Seller: How to use Qpost

In the previous posts on Qoo10 series, we told you how you can register as a Qoo10 seller. We also gave some tips on listing and selling your items on Qoo10 platform. We know that we promised to write something on the marketing opportunities. But before we write anything on that, let’s talk about how we can interact with our customers.

(After we finished the post, we felt that this feel like a rant. But anyway, if you’re interested in our personal experience, do go ahead and read it.)

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Boosting Facebook Posts

Boosting Facebook Posts

If you have been following some of our blog posts, you would have noticed that we are also mending an online shop. We are looking for opportunity to reach out for more customers. Other than Shopee and Qoo10, we have also created a Facebook Page for awareness.

Boosting Facebook Posts? You may not be aware, but Facebook has tonnes of advertising tools that can help you to advertise your page or specific posts to target audience. For example, you can choose to advertise your post to a certain age group or gender.

We have tried to boost one of our Facebook posts for a few days. Is it worth it? Here, we are going to share our experiences with you.

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Experience as a Shopee Seller

Experience as a Shopee Seller

We are exploring possibilities in expanding our little humble online business to other platforms. Shopee is very young as compared to the other two platforms. We were invited to join the platform as a seller shortly after we started our business last November. Since there is no registration fee, we go ahead to register ourselves as a Shopee Seller!

If you have followed our Qoo10 series, you would have know that we started off from Carousell. You would have also know that our experience with Qoo10 is rather negative. How about being a Shopee seller?

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