Fraser Suites Sydney – Studio Deluxe Room

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We visited Sydney for 4 nights in August 2019. Instead of booking an apartment from Airbnb, we decided on a Studio Deluxe Room from Fraser Suites Sydney. It was only 4 nights so we thought we should be able to survive on takeaway food. Fraser Suites Sydney is located in the CBD area, which is really convenient as everywhere is walkable from the hotel.


Studio Deluxe Room

The Studio Deluxe Room is 27 m² in size. It’s comfortable enough for one large size luggage, one medium size luggage, and two adults. We didn’t opt for a better room (with Kitchenette) since we have decided not to cook in Sydney. Hence, this room is purely a place for us to sleep and store our luggage when we were out to tour the city.

For some unknown reasons, they decided to include a wet pantry in the room. In a way, it’s convenient but the holding area is so small that we often didn’t have space to put our snacks. There’s a Microwave hidden in the top cabinet that can be used to cook instant food.

Fraser Suites Sydney - Mini Bar

Fraser Suites Sydney – Mini Bar

Just like many other hotels, the Fraser Suites has provided the capsule coffee machine as well as a kettle to boil water. We didn’t use the tap water (just in case) and usually boil the mineral water that we have bought from the supermarket nearby. There are things like knife, chopping board (hmm), utensils, plates and various types of wine glasses kept in the cabinets. The hotel provides washing liquid, but it’s a very small packet that’s hardly sufficient to clean the plates.

Fraser Suites Sydney – Bathroom

The Studio Deluxe room does not come with a bathtub. If you are looking to soak in the bubbles, you may want to look for a higher tier room in the hotel. It’s clean and comfortable for a quick bath. They did provide a set of shampoo, body wash and body lotion in the bathroom but I vaguely remember that they didn’t provide toothbrush and toothpaste.

Fraser Suites Sydney


For 4 nights, we paid S$ 898.20 in total. It’s considered an average price for a hotel in CBD. There are similar rooms that cost more than S$ 300 per night in the same area. I wouldn’t that this hotel is the best for value but it did provide a good place for us to rest when we were in Sydney.


The nearest metro is Town Hall Station, which is about two streets away from the hotel. We seldom take the metro since it’s possible for us to walk back to the hotel. Chinatown is just nearby so you can imagine the variety of food available in the area.

Fraser Suites Sydney in CBD

We walked to Darling Harbour (or you can take a train) from the hotel in 15 minutes. Since it was winter, the weather was really great for a short walk after our heavy breakfast in the area. We were able to walk to the Circular Quay in 15 minutes from our hotel too!

Sydney – Darling Harbour

Around the hotel, you can find many varieties of restaurants since it’s really near to Chinatown. Since it’s near Chinatown, you will notice that most of the people on the streets are Asian so it doesn’t feel out of place at all.


Will I book the same room from the same hotel? The answer is no and yes. I will not book the same room from Fraser Suites but I would probably go for a higher tier room from the same hotel to get a proper kitchen. Even though there are many varieties of restaurants in the area, we seem to prefer cooking ourselves than eating out so often at night.

I would think that it’s possible to get an apartment in the same area (probably further away from MRT) so perhaps the next time I visit Sydney I will consider booking a room from Airbnb instead.

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